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Redber is a dynamic company with academic background, it consists of PhDs and PhD students in the disciplines of information technology and automation. Within Redber we combine our knowledge, skills and industrial experience for the purpose of completing ambitious projects for our clients. The company was at the beginnig located in The Scientific Technological Park close to the Silesian Technological University in Gliwice Poland, the Technological Park is a place for companies which operate at the junction of industry and science.

Redber specialises in solving difficult problems from the fields of optimization, web development, mobile devices, automation and visualization, problems which, because of their complexity, have been left unattended. Our ambition is to combine practical industrial knowledge with scientific knowledge in order to create innovative, dedicated solutions to problems for which conventional approaches fail.

We offer comprehensive management of IT projects and deliver integrated solutions.

We are ready for cooperation and looking forward to receiving tasks which we can complete for you.


We offer our expertise in the following domains:

1.      Optimization

  •  Industrial processes

Optimization problems of this class are common in production companies where it is vital to reduce production costs and efficiently manage the resources which are necessary to complete the production process. The aim of the optimization is to reduce production costs or maximize the profit or increase product quality.

  • Scheduling/planning

Problems involving management of limited resources in space and time under the constraints imposed on the resources and the schedule/plan. The aim of scheduling/planning is to find a location for the resources in space and time which respects the constraints. Scheduling/planning problems often have an optimization criterion attached to it.

Tools:  optimization platforms such as ILOG Cplex, Eclipse CLP, Gecode, Jacop, COIN-OR, algorithms dedicated for specific applications

2. Control of industrial proceses

  •  SCADA

It is an important component of the control and surveillance systems as well as the data processing and aggregation applications. The aim of visualization is to present the state of the technological process for the purpose of surveillance, quality control,  safety control.

Tools: iFix, Wonderware, PcVue , dedicated solutions

  •  Control systems

Are especially important for technological processes vulnerable to human errors, requiring repetitiveness, generating high management costs. The aim of automated control systems is to reduce the management costs of the process, eliminate the risk of human errors, produce and archive process states. Automated control is the initial phase for visualization and optimization.

Tools: Siemens PLC, GE Fanuc PLC, dedicated solutions

3.      Custom crafted dedicated IT solutions

  • Comprehensive IT management of the projects

Design and implementation of user interfaces, database systems, data processing mechanisms connected with the execution of our projects.

  • Undertaking demanding software tasks

Design and implementation of data acquisition, numerical analysis and data processing algorithms, taking into account the execution time and hardware constraints. 

  •   Business analysis of the client’s requirements, expert assessment

Identification of client’s needs,  analysis of the project’s complexity, technical capabilities available to complete the tasks, costs of carrying out the project, selection of tools.

4. Web development
Dedicated web application and plugin/extentions of WordPress and Joomla CMS.

Tools: PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, frameworks – Zend, Backbone, Angular, Symfony 2


eplanist – portal for work planning is a portal for companies where working hour of employees are not regular and they need support for planning employees’ working hours

Area: Staff rostering, planning,  Symfony2, JavaScript, mobile

Task: Building rich client user interface based on JavaScript for manual planning, verification and reporting. Own asynchronous data exchange engine  was written. Application has both mobile/responsive part for employers and standard part for users responsible for planning.


Optimization of energy production for main polish power plant

Power plant energy production should be adapted to needs of custmers and profits  depands on prices of energy market.

Area: Optimization, scheduling
: Optimization engine for building hour schedule for whole year (above 8000 timeslots) for over 30 resources. Sophisticate methods connecting with dynamic programming, mixed integer programming, constraint programming and local search.



Android mobile application

Development mobile application is much more easiest when we used integrated with phone web engine. Using platform like Apache Cordova (previous Phonegap) we can build native mobile applications using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.

Area: Education, mobile test application

Task: Building 9 games for for neurolinguistic tests for children. MillwordBrown Company was using tablets to verify in 6-years old children  school readiness. This task require to use CSS3 transitions for optimal animation.



Projects based on CMS

Often Content Management Software can give us possibility to deploy web application much more quicker. 90% of functionality can be fulfilled by CMS or existing plugins. The rest of requirements can be fulfilled by dedicated extensions/plugins. We have the experience WordPress and Joomla CMS.

Area: CMS, portal, PHP/HTML/CSSS

Task: Building several small and middle size portals:,,,,,


3D visualization using web technologies

Resources identification in mining industry is very crucial in case of emergance. This project was implemented with cooperation with Ameplus company.

Area: Visualization, OpenGL, Java, PHP
: Visualization engine developed in Java based on OpenGL 3D engine. It reads geodetic maps and based on them visualize people and machines in specific area of the mine. Implementation: KGHM.


Visualization of control process using web browsers

Web browsers are useful for process visualization, when it is needed to share process data with many people. This project was implemented with cooperation with Ameplus company.

Area: Visualization, web technologies
: Visualization engine developed in Java, which get data from  iFIX SCADA System. All was included in PHP portal. Implementation: KGHM, ZEWSP Porąbka Żar, Elektrownia Dychów,



Staff rostering for airports

Staff rostering in airporsts is demanding problem, becouse of adapting staff schedules to fly schedules. Staff with proper qualification should be present when a fly is serviced. Additional hardness is taking into accouna a national work law, local aggreements with workers, preferences.

Area: Optimization, scheduling

Task: Building staff rostering module for Flight Information System – product of Terkom company. Constraint programming and local search optimization method was used. Rich GUI for manual rostering, verification and reporting.


University Timetable System

Advanced Timetabling Solutions ATS4 - a system which automates the creation of university timetables. Used for one of the largest Polish Technical University - Silesian University of Technology
Area: Timetabling, scheduling, optimization
Task: Design and implementation of an automated university timetabling system. It assists in creation, enables optimization and exposes a web browser based interface for timetables.


Machine vision system for diagnostic and verification

Machine vision system is connection of image processing and control engeneering. It can be implemented on inteligent camera e.g. SICK IVC.
Area: Vision system, image processing
Task: Vision system for code recognition and verification in rear axle of cars.


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